About The National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector

Our mission is to advance Montessori education in the public sector through the support of a robust network of practitioners, researchers, parents, and leaders committed to realizing Maria Montessori’s vision of education as the great work of realizing the child’s potential.

The National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector is a not-for-profit, independent, 501(c)3 organization based in Washington, D. C. We began our work in 2012 with the twin goals of expanding access to Montessori education for all families and strengthening the quality of existing public Montessori programs. With a modest budget and three part-time staffers, we encountered immediate demand for a wide range of services. From school start-up to resource development to professional development and advocacy, it quickly became clear that as the only organization devoted exclusively to advancing Montessori in the public sector, NCMPS needed to grow.

Today we operate out of two offices (Cambridge, Massachusetts and Washington, D. C.), with seven full-time employees and a growing number of associates and consultants who work with us on special projects. Demand for our services continues to increase, and the coming year will see the launching of an ambitious program of support.

“The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind.”

Our Funders & Supporters

We are grateful to key funders who have supported NCMPS’s growth and impact over the years.

The Walton Family Foundation
Trust for Learning
Harold Simmons Foundation
CityBridge Education
McCall Kulak Family Foundation

Our Initiatives

Teach Montessori

Teach Montessori is an invitation to learn more about Montessori teacher jobs, Montessori training, Why choose Montessori and more…


MontessoriPublic is a digital and print communications & advocacy platform bringing Montessori into the public conversation.

DC Montessori Teacher Residency

The DC Montessori Teacher Residency promoting teacher success in high-need, urban schools striving for fully implemented Montessori in the public sector.

Breakthrough Montessoriough-montessori

Breakthrough Montessori offers free, high quality Montessori education to families in Washington, DC.

Our Team

Keith Whitescarver, Executive DirectorKeith Whitescarver

Executive Director


Keith leads NCMPS in fulfilling its mission of expanding and improving public Montessori in the U.S. Keith is a Montessori parent, an historian, and a former high school history teacher and university professor. Full Bio »

Jacqueline Cossentino, Director of ResearchJacqueline Cossentino

Director of Research


Jackie oversees the development of evidence-based tools for evaluation, assessment, and continuous improvement. Jackie is a Montessori parent, researcher, and writer, and a former English teacher, pubic Montessori school principal and a professor of educational leadership at the University of Maryland. Full Bio »

Sara SuchmanSara Suchman

Director of Coaching & School Services


Sara directs the Montessori Teacher Residency, Coaching of Coaches, and School Services programs. Sara was a Montessori child, and has worked as a teacher and an administrator in public and private schools in the U.S. and abroad. She holds an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and an Ed.D. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Full Bio »

Dave Ayer, Communications DirectorDave Ayer

Communications Director


David oversees communications and serves as Editorial Director for MontessoriPublic. David is a Montessori parent and spouse, and has worked as a Montessori teacher, administrator, writer, speaker, and advocate.  Full Bio »

Katie BrownKatie Brown

DC Regional Coordinator and Research Associate


Katie coordinates the DC Montessori Teacher Residency and manages NCMPS research projects. Full Bio »

Amy CorenswetAmy Corenswet

DERS Coordinator and Research Associate


Amy manages the Developmental Environment Rating Scale and supports NCMPS research projects. Full Bio »

Elizabeth G. SladeElizabeth G. Slade

Lead Montessori Coach


Elizabeth leads the Coaching of Coaches program and supports the Libertas Montessori Institute and ResidencyFull Bio »


NCMPS calls on a variety of practitioners to support work in the field.

Phil DosmannPhil Dosmann

Senior Associate


Allison JonesAllison Jones

Senior Associate


John Freeman

Consulting Architect

David C. Bagnoli, AIADavid C. Bagnoli, AIA

Consulting Architect