NCMPS supports communication and outreach across the public Montessori community with MontessoriPublic, a website and newsletter, Teach-Montessori, a teacher training and employment resource, and the Montessori Census, a database of Montessori schools.

These tools help public Montessori schools work together for maximum impact.


MontessoriPublic is a digital and print communications and advocacy platform for public Montessori, reaching thousands of teachers, administrators, parents, teacher educators, and Montessori advocates at more than two thousand Montessori schools, public and private. Find MontessoriPublic at the website, on Facebook and Twitter, or in print .

Teach-Montessori helps build Montessori teacher capacity by connecting aspiring educators to teacher education programs and matching trained teachers with job opportunities. Teach-Montessori lists more than 200 teacher education programs around the world along with hundreds of job postings.

The USA Montessori Census is a voluntary, school-driven database of public and private Montessori schools in the United States. Schools add their own listings and maintain their own data. The Census helps the Montessori movement document its impact and reach.

Montessori Census Screenshot